Help Thou My Unbelief

Help Thou My Unbelief All mortals are limited in power, As the power to save is divine; A sin so grave than murder – Who can bear its fine? At the Lord’s feet lay I prone Mortality has got its own fear But as I am without one plea Hold me Lord, so dear. Our […]

Medical Poetry: A Doctor’s Honour

In my job corner All sick is not sicker Bad spirited souls ‘re weaker For mankind’s malady is trickier Good words heal a sore heart As stitches bind a skin cut Attention births comfort For health has its gut Stethoscope plus a bit humour Revive a sick heart with flavour Care without empathy has no […]

Financial Freedom Declarations

Today I take charge over my finance. I am wealthy and blessed with surplus as I hand over my financial treasure’s keys to God. I am walking and working in abundance. Debts are cancelled, as I receive new unction of ideas to make wealth with joy and exceeding grace. I am unshakable, my wealth is […]

A New Edifice

A New Edifice Joyous with insight of goodness Hope raised to a great peak Morrow seems so bright A year is too small New edifice new burden Its owner eaten up by ego Where were the joy and peace A year is too long Calm demeanor fellow Money monger A pharisee Landgirl New edifice – […]

From A Table To A Resuscitaire

What a calm and hopeful day it was Yet the least expected became most remembered Healthy neonate turned blue on table As we engaged in the art of making him a man Thank heavens, we had a great adrenaline rush Like a group of bees working in concert The two-day old was moved from table […]

‚ÄčIn This Hustle

From dawn to dusk, survival is key Early rising to late resting, toiling becomes a curse Even birds rose early to toil,  nev’r late to rest Of what is this to-and-fro a beatitude? Man toils, his Appetite’s never saturated Worn out like an aged skin, Burn out like an old woman’s hairs Such and such […]