Fancy’s knell

Tell me where is Fancy bred In the heart or in the head? How begot, how nourisheth? Reply, Reply, Reply Fancy is bred in the eyes With gazing fed, and fancy dies In the cradle where it lies! Meshackcole M.D

Buharism charmy chain(ge)

Lock within their hollows: A cultic manoeuvre they unfold. Juju men duping very poor untold, Oh! Conscience seared fellows. Cold and dull to the poor’s malady: Fantastically complacent souls! The unchained faces plenty toils – This “change” – is but fallacy. Power-monger fellow Thy promises is but vain Our freedom we shall regain Off this […]

Another annual clocked

From dawn to dusk Love’s boon outweighs its risk Only bold minds take the latter Real love overrides flatter Endowed is this consort of mine Newness I see in thy lifetime Celebrations in this new year Enjoy a blessed birthday my dear! Meshackcole M.D

An escape so narrow

I crossed through a death path Thought I was having ‘lumfashi’ I passed through a valley of death Hitch-free came I without ‘rikishi’ Cedar has been hit but no dent My Jehova Ebenezer given wheel Full of grace and angelic scent In His gracious mercy no loss no ill Heretofore mercy overrides outcome Yet the […]

A Poor-rich Soul

Man is many and money is many too Money of bloodshed, deceits, spirits Man cherishes money than his soul Man sells his strength to buy wealth With what shall his soul be redeemed? Neither riches nor wealth could redeeem it Many sold their soul for money Their peace for riches that fade The preacher talks […]

Haughty looks strongly saucy

Unto what have I succumbed this frail self to? Unto gentleness or haughtiness. I wonder much how so weak is her haughty look By her pride this fellow of white-coat and steth On my sore added pinch of salt and scoop of pepper An ageing igbo lady full of testosterone Wither which she sparks like […]