Not For Myself

Breath seized from his lungs His body turned blue and clammy cold, With what shall the lost be repaired? Am not here for myself! Work work work we work Old old old we grow And waning for what purpose? Am not here for myself! That moneybag and its sacrifices Early rising and late to bed […]

Attitudinal Commitments

✓ To serve God in one capacity or the other. ✓ To love life completely without holding a grudge against any. ✓ I will spend every minute of every day in positive vibes. ✓ I will commit myself to emitting goodness and kindness to the universe at all times through the power of positive thoughts, […]

2018: God’s Mercy Endures

Praise God! It’s new year 2018. In this Year 2018, hear this prophecies: ✓Regarding You, God’s Mercy shall endure forever. ✓Regarding Your Family, God’s Mercy shall endure forever. ✓Regarding Your Relations, God’s Mercy shall endure forever. ✓Regarding Your Spiritual life, God’s Mercy shall endure forever. ✓Regarding Your Marital life, God’s Mercy shall endure forever. ✓Regarding […]


December, births us merriment A unique festival of the moment When Families and friends, reunited Love and Gratitude’s spark is ignited. Somehow, the season’s vibes are marred Like getting a litre of fuel is hard For fuel, serpentine lines somewhere Searching, our fuel is nowhere. In the scorching sun we queue Waiting for some litres […]

Fancy’s knell

Tell me where is Fancy bred In the heart or in the head? How begot, how nourisheth? Reply, Reply, Reply Fancy is bred in the eyes With gazing fed, and fancy dies In the cradle where it lies! Meshackcole M.D

Buharism charmy chain(ge)

Lock within their hollows: A cultic manoeuvre they unfold. Juju men duping very poor untold, Oh! Conscience seared fellows. Cold and dull to the poor’s malady: Fantastically complacent souls! The unchained faces plenty toils – This “change” – is but fallacy. Power-monger fellow Thy promises is but vain Our freedom we shall regain Off this […]