Doctor, Do Something!

In my call room A bang hits my door It was a call to salvage lives: Restless road accident victims; Confused patients with multiple wounds. Painfully in shock, unaware of my presence – Distracted by the pain in her lower abdomen. The huhaha of “my baby” filled her wounded lips! Shouting behind was a fearful […]

A Hunting Silhouette

Yesterday is gone but active Today’s sufferance is passive Morrow is hunted by today’s folly No wonder humans are unholy Swayed by little things Forgetful mortal beings Sacrificed morrow’s bliss To suck today’s kiss When today turns yesterday And morrow turns today A wound as grave as past Is a hunting shadow cast What heals […]

Help Thou My Unbelief

Help Thou My Unbelief All mortals are limited in power, As the power to save is divine; A sin so grave than murder – Who can bear its fine? At the Lord’s feet lay I prone Mortality has got its own fear But as I am without one plea Hold me Lord, so dear. Our […]

Financial Freedom Declarations

Today I take charge over my finance. I am wealthy and blessed with surplus as I hand over my financial treasure’s keys to God. I am walking and working in abundance. Debts are cancelled, as I receive new unction of ideas to make wealth with joy and exceeding grace. I am unshakable, my wealth is […]

A New Edifice

A New Edifice Joyous with insight of goodness Hope raised to a great peak Morrow seems so bright A year is too small New edifice new burden Its owner eaten up by ego Where were the joy and peace A year is too long Calm demeanor fellow Money monger A pharisee Landgirl New edifice – […]

​In This Hustle

From dawn to dusk, survival is key Early rising to late resting, toiling becomes a curse Even birds rose early to toil,  nev’r late to rest Of what is this to-and-fro a beatitude? Man toils, his Appetite’s never saturated Worn out like an aged skin, Burn out like an old woman’s hairs Such and such […]