Attitudinal Commitments

✓ To serve God in one capacity or the other.
✓ To love life completely without holding a grudge against any.
✓ I will spend every minute of every day in positive vibes.
✓ I will commit myself to emitting goodness and kindness to the universe at all times through the power of positive thoughts, acts, habits, attitude, and character.
✓ I will desist from any form of negativity, through conscious efforts.
✓ I will sow gratitude into each day, saying thank you for the gift of life.
✓ I will close my eyes, ears and heart against all forms of negativity by conscientious guarding of my senses.
✓ I will appreciate God for every penny that enters my pocket.
✓ I will see the very good in others as I commit my heart to be patient with everyone around me.
✓ I will sow goodness and conquer evil with good.
✓ I solemnly devout my consciousness to abundance and possibilities.
✓ I will explore my God given gift and talents with patience.
✓ Everyday I will put a smile on my face to the world around. And cause others to enjoy the same vibes with me.
✓ I will pursue my goal with determination, one step at a time.
✓ I will train my child(ren) in God’s wisdom, and direction of the Holy Spirit.
✓ I am exercising a renew faith (as big as a mustard seed) and taking my possessions through same.
✓ My attitude towards money/affluence is that of abundance and wealth; living each day with the mentality of abundance.
✓ I will give to others unflinchingly without expecting same from them.
✓ I will organise myself, my home in the best possible ways to honor God.
✓ I will sow possitive and reap positive. My cause is positive and my effect is positive. No excuse.
✓ Painstakingly, I will fight the spirit of murmuring/grumbling/complaining with all fervency.
✓ I will live each day as a gift from God.
✓ I won’t be carried away by the odds/troubles/worries my environment throws at me.
✓ My dedication to my medical profession would be steadfast and positive.
✓ I will speak to encourage and uplift the depressed.
✓ I will work at my own time zone without comparing myself with others in their time zones.
✓ I will develop my library with books to motivate my goals this year.
✓ I will reinforce positive coping mechanisms against stress.
✓ I will start a new hobby, and dream a new goal.
✓ I will treat my patients with utmost respect and care.
✓ I will heal the sick, tend to the need of the poor and live a philanthropic life.
✓ I will live with heaven/godliness mindset.

Upon my joy, peace and prosperity, and unto the glory of God’s name, I solemnly, pass this bill of positive attitudinal commitments.

So help me, God!



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