A Patient More Difficult

It’s only a fourthnight that I was off work

Resuming with zest to join the teamwork

So was I fortunate to see this madness

As we gave especial care despite her bitchiness!


In pool of liquor draining like an unlocked tap

Unborn craniate in danger of external trap

No feet dragging, medics gathered their oars

For this case’s like a flight during the winters.


Oh, our surgeon ignored pain to save a life

Yet we were pains inflicted by this patient’s strife

Ingratitude plagues not only an ingrate bearer

But it’s also a worm that sore her caregiver.


Could this be a schizophrenia or its ally?

So bizzare manners that none could tally

Albeit, outcome was great but tussle

And the lesson was fully learnt for future hustle.


#FotoCredit_Sakellaris Koutouzis – Sculptor (Hippocrates examining a patient).


#TABITHA_MEDICAL_CENTER #ExcellentCareWithoutException #PatientCenteredCare #PatientSafety #Teamwork #Obstetrics #MedicalEthics #greatoutcome #unforgettablelessons


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