Another Chance To Live

Another chance to live
A young girl scourged by pain for years

Not wealthy but got a rich-man’s malady

A firm swelling housed in her belly

But her helpless estate found God’s favor.


She pulled topnotch surgeons and nurses

Without a penny favour was gotten

For her name, Mary, found mercy at Jesus feet

What a gracious chance to live again!


A skinny teenager on table laid supine

Unruffled but with mild anxiety within

Sleeping drugs snatched her conscious

Trunk was scrubbed to sterile touch.


Deep in sleep, she was draped so cute

A brave incision was made straight up-down

Only surgical witch and wizard this can do

For a feeble heart, a good surgeon cannot be!


In her belly, slippery omentum hailed us

Below this, guts got their gut within

The monster was found staring at us

A bizzare, tuber-shaped, firm as tip of nose mass.


We were for awhile figuring out anatomy

But flashes of plastic ideas cruised in

A kind of idea that makes the simple wise

Such an inspiration is not earthly but divine!


Two hours into surgery was like thirty minutes

I must say we enjoyed divine speed

Another grace to save a destiny well favored

It was indeed another chance to survive.


The monster was nipped at the neck

Chocolate collections drained and suctioned

Cavity was irrigated, excess pouch closed

Vestigial tissue excised, vital organs saved.


Fascia apposed and skin stapled;

Wound dressed and patient cleaned;

Wheeled to the room;

What a chance to live again!


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