Medical Poetry: A Doctor’s Honour

In my job corner
All sick is not sicker
Bad spirited souls ‘re weaker
For mankind’s malady is trickier

Good words heal a sore heart
As stitches bind a skin cut
Attention births comfort
For health has its gut

Stethoscope plus a bit humour
Revive a sick heart with flavour
Care without empathy has no honour
A heart baptised in love makes a saviour

Meshack ‘Cole M.D


One thought on “Medical Poetry: A Doctor’s Honour

  1. Having worked under some doctors and medical professors of various temperament. I have got to understand that it’s not the best hand or most astute brain that heals the sick/depressed mind. Communication, Confidence, Compassionate and Commitment are hallmarks of a medic’s honour.
    Ergo, competency without counseling skill is but depression

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