Financial Freedom Declarations

Today I take charge over my finance. I am wealthy and blessed with surplus as I hand over my financial treasure’s keys to God. I am walking and working in abundance. Debts are cancelled, as I receive new unction of ideas to make wealth with joy and exceeding grace.

I am unshakable, my wealth is unshakable. I have got power to be strong this year. I am blessed already. My livelihood is walking in abundance. I shall be a giver – lending to people and meeting their respective needs. My life and that of my families are in God’s hand forever and ever.

I shall save in happiness
I shall spend in joy
I shall invest in safety
I shall reap in gladness
I shall enjoy the outcome of my labour in peace.

In this year, am financially free:
Free from stings of debts
Free from worry and its venom
Free from the toxicities of poverty
Free from the pain of toiling
Free from the curse of working like an elephant and eating like an ant
Free from the heartbreak of economy recession
Free from the claws of aimless spending.

This year, am taking back what is mine: financially, spiritually, professionally, and holistically.

My gaze is set
My thinking is positive
My livelihood is possible
My success is unshakable
My dreams are achievable
My investment is profitable

The exuberance of God’s countenance has risen upon me and my yokes are broken because by the reason of the anointing every limitation, delay, stagnation, deficiency, anomaly, imperfection, misfit, heartache, clumsiness, and impedance shall be broken!

I take back what is mine as heir with Christ Jesus through faith in Him who is able to do more superiorly, anteriorly, laterally above my expectations!!! In Jesus Christ Name.

Say it loud with all clarity: 

This is My year of All-round liberty!!

Today I receive all my affirmations according to my little faith…


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