From A Table To A Resuscitaire

What a calm and hopeful day it was
Yet the least expected became most remembered
Healthy neonate turned blue on table
As we engaged in the art of making him a man

Thank heavens, we had a great adrenaline rush
Like a group of bees working in concert
The two-day old was moved from table to resuscitaire
Rescuing him from drowning in his own waters.

Our fear was grave and beyond description
Our imagination of loosing a tender baby
To a classical uncomplicated procedure
Was unexpected and full of gruesome shock

Empathy was acted out as we in a team
Fight back to bring this breathless saint to life
While the joyful mother was taking a nap
The same nap God gave to Adam in Genesis

As we continued to haul our rescue missiles
Breath of life perfected His divine covenant
That “there shall none cast her young”
Albeit lessons learned and outcome noted.

Soli deo Gloria!


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