A Poor-rich Soul

Man is many and money is many too
Money of bloodshed, deceits, spirits
Man cherishes money than his soul
Man sells his strength to buy wealth

With what shall his soul be redeemed?
Neither riches nor wealth could redeeem it
Many sold their soul for money
Their peace for riches that fade


The preacher talks about a poor-rich soul
Who sacrificed his life for riches
And burnt his strength for wealth
But a fool takes all as his heritage

O friend, hurry not after riches
Earthly riches blur heavenly vision
Deceitful wealth much sorrow added
Therefore pile up riches moderately

Earthly riches fade, bloody wealth last not
Chase wealth in God’s knowledge
Riches of today become a history
Wherefore must you loose heaven?

Meshackcole M.D


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