Someday, this thorn will be removed

quietly seated lay this thorn within an unseen muscle.
daily – dawn to dawn, dusk to dusk
the discomfort persists like an evil tussle.
how sad is a heart under such attack!

a little joy churned with a ton of pain
like the mixing of milk with stomach acid.
man hungers for a respite to end a groan –
gingered by a monstrous thorn within embedded.

with what shall this whet appetite be fed?
is it with flatterous words  or seductive lines?
feed such hunger with that which is desired –
a restoration of that which is stolen by lies.

calmly shall I wait till this thorn- monster of old
besetting this flesh of mine vanishes out of sight;
then shall the story be sweet to hearts untold.
someday this thorn will be removed as I wait.

By Dr_Bankole_MD


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