But, help shall come

we remain fix like statue
in deep awe,
as the aura around us
looks so pale without vigor
But help shall come!
we dream while we work
we search the scriptures
like a man looking for God
even when strength fails
But help shall come!
hastily man depends on man
swiftily man fails man
and no one takes a pause
lo, every all grows weary
But help shall come!
kind enough
assurance of hope
beams all around us
like rays of angelic radiance
Behold, help has come!
stand up dejected one
arise thou weak in spirit
forgo the dust
where thou has lay
For help is here!
if in my dry spell
rain, yes! rain fell –
if in my winter spell,
sun, yes! sun shined –
Lo, thy help is God!

By Dr_Bankole_MD


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