A smelling abortus

criminal more are many people
than many who w’re jailed
such is this stinking m’mory
that’s hijackin’ my peaceful mind.
terribly horrible was the pain
that brought her to my care
for salvation from self induced
plague; a criminal suffocation
of an innocent mortal tissue.
my heart races as if I w’s febrile.
what my speculum revealed w’s a flesh
pointing out from a firm “womb’s window”-
sad! a life has been murdered.
man’s the cause of his malady
but God – not wicked, He cares!
bloody gloves, stinking ER aura sparked
my salivary gl’nd with pool of thick saliva
caged inside my bucal cavity.
unable to bear this stinking aura;
Into the back fornix of her vag,
laid I the prostaglandin “stone.”

God indeed gentle is with mortals
but nev’r should we take this for frailty.
a breathless mortal tissue was untimely borne
as the womb squeezed out it’s content.
alas! every bit of air entering my bellows
was like the smell of a rotten flesh.
by this foetid m’mory –
a smelling abortus,
a truth ravished my heart:

life is most sweet when breath of life
has not seized flowing into our bellows.
men with their hands calamity create
God with His hands salvation gives.
poverty has a sting – carelessness
with which plentiful many accuses
the Devil and query Jah!

By Dr_Bankole_MD


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