misery has a silver – lining


misery has a silver-lining

The moment I retrospect my hall
my heart stumbled like a ship that hit a sandbank.
The breath of breathes freezes
as if in an iceberg was I placed.
But stucked in with awe-dacious awe,
my mind loosed and freed become:
Like a prisoner acquitted a night prior to execution.

Misery has its black for black and its white for white;
Its darkest spot cannot triumph over
the slightest touch of its silver lining.
A touch of survival that greeted such a gloomy grief,
how great a touch it was!
Deep falls unto deep, night became lengthier
but dawn crept in like a snail – what an awe-dacious change!

The year far spent has been, with its blows and jabs.
Thinking loud with a missing mind in patience
like a lover-wife waiting for her grooming groom.
I waited for the dawn after a thick dusk cast –
I was stucked in hope for a whirlwind relief.
The haters hate and envy evil envious.
Glory! just a little while, no more waiting
for hitherto, this misery will not stand this silver lining.


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