In my nest, I thought I would die


peace that greeted ones soul
at the point
when survival seems like a mirrage
is but a true peace indeed –
that no currency could buy!

I thought in my nest to see morrow
would be by strength
but the game of life is not won by muscle alone;
gradually hope rises like the sun
walking up to the zenith of its brightness.

I thought in my nest I would be forgotten
but lo, beyond brain booting could bear –
hope broke forth like a new dawn
that prevails over the night.

I thought I would die in my nest but
surplus mercy, grace
ravished my soul without bargain
and my heart leaps like a young calf
of Zion – the Lord’s court of deliverance!

stinking and soaked in blood
but washed in the “river of new life”
and clothed with garment of praise.
oh, beautiful to behold –
glory of salvation made livelihood possible
even till Christ comes!

By Dr_Bankole_MD


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