A gift with a price to nurture

Fail nay, my hearty heart, fail nay.
Fear has its teeth poisoned with death;
How come a gift before thine eyes see thou nay?
Must thou be deceived and a gem neglect?
This gem -future- gaze my heart nay to forget.
I see -the gem- the future- a gift to cherish;
Through trough and crest I forbear in faith.
Such a gem I mirror not to nourish.

Guide thou my heart, Oh! heaven
That this sorrowful heart, joy may greet!
Lo, this gift -costly future – marasmic has been,
For, its face have I forsook in a single bit.
A big knock have I got for my bullshit –
Failing to consider what I have got in my palms.
Be gone! thou illusion. Be gone, to no more meet.
For such a gift I will mirror to nourish.

Forgive thyself, my soul, forget all thy pricks,
Wherefore will thou cast down thyself to the dust?
Besides, a gift has thou got -cross the bricks!
Stand thou tall and pick up thyself out of the dust;
Survival atimes needed himself alone to fight.
With a big heart welcome this gift – to flourish.
Close thou an eye at thy stinking plight,
Open the other eye to thy future to nourish!

May this illusion gone forever be.
That with gentleness may I mirror this gift flourish
With such a price with value more than rubies.
This may my heart see with joy to nuture and nourish.

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