A Hunting Silhouette

Yesterday is gone but active Today’s sufferance is passive Morrow is hunted by today’s folly No wonder humans are unholy Swayed by little things Forgetful mortal beings Sacrificed morrow’s bliss To suck today’s kiss When today turns yesterday And morrow turns today A wound as grave as past Is a hunting shadow cast What heals […]

Man who caused me woe

wicked heartless selfish. saint though he looks but evil in him blooms. he serves mammon and cherish his unjust gains as if they are his. disgusting fellow with falsehood in between his teeth. such a man is deadlier than death and more venomous than viper. oh my soul in his pit fall thou not and […]


Anything-lust Everything-hunger All-desirous. Self-pleasing Flesh-loving World-longing Uncontrolled-touch Deceptive-taste Desirous-look. Soul-destroying Spirit-quenching Body-killing. Money-monger Whore-hunger Wealth-chaser. Unlike dearest self-control, This is covetousness! Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.

A fourteen-line picture

Though my boss you are, for you I care. In my daily chores, my heart beats After a man lovelier than a husband rare. I wish never to see your cool face wets. I, no trouble have if my feeling I can draw: For to me it’s a lasting charm than deception. The panorama on […]

As we await the groom

All things bright and beautiful All things great and small All things bright and wonderful The lord God made them all. As we fuel our lamps And buckle up our shoes latches; As our eyes taste not sleep And our hearts with patience watches through the night, Still we should faint not as the groom […]

Why analgesics?

Pain couldn’t be well described than gains. How frail’s all that has blood streaming in their veins. The creator I salute for creating frailty in all, For in pains our frailty is not to make us fall; But to see the good God gave all to stand up tall. What’s good about the pain that […]

sham modesty

So power could as such blinds eyes of much With neither an eye-medic nor a seer could heal-touch! So power could as such harden hearts of many With nay heart-surgeon could soften! So power could as such made mad many minds With no legion of psychiatrist could sanity restored or finds! Power enjoys deliciousness but […]

my rib

though made from the soil of the ground the potter fashioned me in his sameness and in his character i am made to till the soil where i was made from unto me were living creatures endowed but i have no one to share the warm and the cold i have not a face-to-face mate […]

Nigeria@53:A middle-aged ship

i respect the captains of old with my last trust; they channelled the course of this ship with their last might; on board we had suffered ills yet the anchors last forth; in recap the past presents to us lullabies of hope but, the myriads of internally frail captains on the ship, in zillion ways […]

Cleavage over Character

Desires sink into his eyes The glance sets his heart on race Body in tremor of the sights For the cleavage is on his face. Like an ant enticed by sweet Ravished this heart is in contour And desirable is cleavage to eat Lo, in character he’s no succour. Cleavages disappear Colour fades away Man […]

A Dysfunctional Pursuit

Engrossed in my desire; An obvious easy dream – A Khaki medic void of despair, Joyous inside-out with gleam. Met up with all criteria, And day dreaming in khaki suit. What a bliss to serve Nigeria? But a blow hits my resolute. Throwing down my plough, I refocused this fading light – I saw but […]

A flare not ensnared

I’m in haste to be wealthy No rather, am in haste to work My hands are ready Rather, I labour to meet luck! My mama cautions my flare: “You are young but blessed, Thy hands have fortune yielded. Beware, this thy flare leads not to a snare.” How shall a snared soul enters heaven? Having […]

Don’t Worry For Nothing

Whereby we smile together And all together the smiles wither For bile the whole lips has bittered So ever has this joy been battered!   Wherefore is this sensation massive? Ready to burst like an explosive A conflagration trying to devour an edifice Ocean cannot this flame douse. A preparation of goodness to greatness Moulding […]